Green Features

Green Features

The CYBERWALK campus has been designed to utilize sunlight, air, water, & power in the most efficient manner thereby resulting in over 30% saving in operational costs. The project has been pre-certified with a Gold rating under the LEED system by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

CYBERWALK has been designed entirely on Vastu principles, which ensure harmony with the surroundings, and directions to give you complete peace of mind. Just like its location, everything about CYBERWALK like physical infrastructure, rational land use and improved environment is designed to provide an improved quality of life.


  • Access to numerous innovatively designed green terraces in all buildings
  • Vertical and horizontal fins to shade the west façade of iconic tower
  • High performance glass in all towers to reduce heat gain
  • Use of punched windows to reduce direct sun light
  • Reduced depth of the building to use more daylight
  • Approx. 80% of the office areas are day lit
  • Large cut out in the central plaza provides natural light to basements

Air Quality

  • Use of air quality censors to manage CO2 levels thereby increasing worker's efficiency
  • Natural trees and lush green environs provide clean fresh air


  • Local stones and recycled materials used
  • Designed with dense tree islands and water features
  • Walls and rooftops are insulated and landscaped with greens


  • 80% of used water recycled through STP and utilized for irrigation and HVAC build up
  • Ground water recharging done through pits and sumps
  • Use of water saving fixtures in toilets


  • Use of higher COP centrifugal chillers with VFDs
  • Use of heat recovery wheels
  • Ozone friendly refrigerant based equipment
  • Insulation in walls and roofs with glass-wool panels to reduce heat intake
  • Reduction in overall glass area (window wall ratio) of the building to reduce heat
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